Who We Are.

We Are Doxa Studios

We are Peter and Laura, the husband and wife team behind Doxa Studios. We're based in Belfast, Northern Ireland but find ourselves outside of the country more often than not. Give us pizza and put us on a flight to a place we have never been before together - now that's a dream come true.

We've been shooting weddings for over 3 years now which has been amazing for us to be able to do together. We have loved and enjoyed every minute of being surrounded with love and happiness, friendships and all of the doughnuts. It makes ours hearts beat faster and reminds us of why we love what we do.

We want to capture that real love for you. We want to get the big moments, the loud ones and the quiet ones and the ones you don't think anyone else is watching. We want to capture the moments that remind you of why they are "your person" (if you didnt get the Grey's Anatomy reference, shame on you). We want to get the sneaky booty grabs or the moments you are crying with laughter you could pee your pants. The perfectly imperfect.

We aren't about the awkward, stiff poses that when you look back at you question who those strangers are. We are about capturing you two for who you are. The genuine, loving, fun, adventurous and weird love that you guys share.

We see photography as more than something on your checklist of things that need to be done for your wedding. So, if you are just looking for the posed smiley photos or the cheapest deal and not have a huge desire for photos, then we may not be the best fit. Not that they are bad things to look for in a photographer- but you want to find a photographer you click with, one that you feel you could be friends with. Let's be real- you spend a lot of time on your wedding day with a photographer- you want to have fun and understand each other.

Our shooting style is always pretty relaxed. We like to capture things as they unfold; documenting if we can help it, without interfering too much. We approach every wedding day with a fresh outlook, and get absorbed in the personality of your wedding.

Tell us your story, and let's create something beautiful together